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“These policies are weakening the economy’s ability to cope with growing debt levels. Without a strong recovery, tax revenues will fail to rise and future budgets will simply embed that deficit into the economy.”

28 individuals, all economists or social scientists, have signed an open letter which has been printed on the opinion pages of today’s Irish Times.

Synopsis: “Government; you’re doing it wrong.”

Contextual note: most (all?) of the signataries would be generally perceived to be of the Left. Members of TASC and contributors to Ireland After Nama are amongst the 28.

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4 Responses

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  1. Billy Waters says

    And what is wrong with “being percieved to be on the Left”?

    Fianna Fail are a little left, a little centre and a lot right when and where it pleases. All three if they thought it would get them votes.

    The point is we are screwed and we should grab the hand of whoever will get us out of this mess instead of qualifying the advice with the fear of becoming communist by association.

    • Mark Coughlan says

      Odd comment there Billy. It was a contextual note to give those who’d be unaware as to who the witers were an idea of their background.

      Most of the signatories would be little-known (unfortunately) compared to the faces we see most days in the media thus some will think “where are these people coming from?” I added that note.

      I’d be perceived to be of the Left. I never said there was anything wrong with it, that was your incorrect interpretation.

      You infer there’s something wrong with being a communist. What’s wrong with being a communist, Billy?

  2. Billy Waters says

    I was just wondering why the leftyness was highlighted. It seemed to me to have been, here is advice, but be careful its from the Left.

    The funny thing is I am probably as Lefty as you are gonna get myself.

  3. rubensni says

    Strange they’re coming out with this now as the decision to ride down the Phillips Curve was made 18 months ago.
    The debate has moved on.

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