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Ombudsman commences review of ECB refusal to release bailout letter

The EU Ombudsman has commenced its review of a decision by the ECB to refuse the release of a controversial letter sent to then Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan in November 2010. has been pushing for the release of the letter both from the ECB and the Irish Department of Finance for over a year. Both organisations have refused to release the letter, and we have appealed the matter both to the EU Ombudsman and the Irish Office of the Information Commissioner.

Officials from the EU Ombudsman’s office visited the ECB’s headquarters in Frankfurt on December 12, 2012 and had sight of the document in question. They have now given us about six weeks to make our submissions as to why the document should be released.

These are the communications from the Ombudsman in relation to the review:

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  1. Rita cahull says

    Brian Lenihan : letter of Bailout Nov 2010 original
    This is what you are looking for Original Files

    • Gavin Sheridan says

      No that document was released *because* of our requests. The letter we are looking for is from Trichet.

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