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What now?

Via the Central Bank comes the following statistics. I’ve taken the stats and put them in a graph, which I think helps us understand the extent of the mortgage arrears problem. The euro amount of arrears of 180 days or … Continue reading

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Graph of the day

House Completions (Number) by Month in Ireland 1975 – 2011 (a) House completions data series are based on the number of new dwellings connected by ESB Networks to the electricity supply and may not accord precisely with local authority boundaries. … Continue reading

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Ireland quarterly deficit hits -36.51% of GDP

I’ve graphed some of the Eurostat data mentioned here. Brian Lucey reckons this means that our deficit for 2010 as a whole (as oppose to the quarterly figure) will be around -20%. Have we turned a corner?

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House prices

Readers may recall that back in September 2009 I blogged about Finance Minister calling a floor in the property market, and how unlikely that situation was. Mr Lenihan was appearing before the Finance committee in relation to NAMA. Here is … Continue reading

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Analysis and visualisation of tax default list 2009

The final quarter of the list of tax defaulters fined or penalised by Revenue during 2009 was published last week. As usual details for name, address and penalties incurred for each defaulter, along with some information on the individual’s occupation, … Continue reading

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Numbers on the live register since 1967

From CSO data, a graph of persons on the live register since 1967, by month, both sexes, all ages. From 2004, by Irish Nationals, and other nationalities.

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A visualisation of donations to parties by industry

One of our regular readers, Steve White, has taken the data we collated on political donations and used a visualisation tool to display it. The box below proportions donations to political parties (not including donations directly to politicians) by donor … Continue reading

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New car sales figures and other stats

[Cross posted from my own blog] New figures were released today, and they are not pretty. I’ve tabulated all new car sales on file from the CSO, that is since 1965: Here is the large version of that image. New … Continue reading

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