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Solicitor disciplinary records 2003 to 2011

The Law Society – the regulator of solicitors in Ireland – says that it publishes the names of solicitors against whom disciplinary action has been taken. Well it does. Sort of. Go over to their website and what you find … Continue reading

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Chart of the day – Deposits from Irish private sector 2004 to 2010

Deposits from Irish Private Sector by category. Central Bank data. Notice the rapid fall in growth of deposits from November to December 2006, and the subsequent rapid fall. Anyone know where the repo stats for 2008 are gone?

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That Fás 'slush fund'

Fás is back on the news pages today, this time it’s about a “slush fund” which the Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation is accused of ‘sponsoring’ between 2002 and 2008. The fund, also known as the Competency Development Programme, … Continue reading

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Oireachtas staff expenses data 2004 to 2010

While an appeal is currently pending with the Information Commissioner in relation a request seeking an export of the entire financial management system in use at the Houses of the Oireachtas, the Oireachtas were kind enough to release a portion … Continue reading

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Department of Foreign Affairs expenses data

Some time ago I sought from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA): 1) A datadump (or copy) of the entire Sun database insofar as such data relates to claimed expenses. The Department has released the data in question. Unfortunately it … Continue reading

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Oireachtas Bills 1997 – 2010

We frequently hear talk of how much (or how little) legislation is passed by the Oireachtas. We also hear about Bills languishing at Committee Stage for years. Unfortunately the Oireachtas website isn’t very useful for discerning any patterns or where … Continue reading

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Expenses visualisation and spreadsheets

CORRECTION: One of the headings was incorrect. It is travel and subsistence not mobile phones that the most money was spent on. Somehow the headings got shifted across in the totals column. Apologies. I’ve been messing with Gav’s spreadsheets. Here’s … Continue reading

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Department of Finance expenses 2001 to 2009

As part of a broader set of requests for expenses, and other, databases I sought the expenses database (CoreExpense) of the Department of Finance since its inception. The total amount of claims in that time period (the earliest date being … Continue reading

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FAS bulletin board and expenses

Some time ago I sent an FOI request to FAS seeking the following: 1) All briefing documents related to the appearance by FAS staff, or their representatives, at the Public Accounts Committee hearings of February 2010. 2) A ‘datadump’ (MySQL … Continue reading

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Top 200 CAP recipients Cork 2009

These are the top 200 recipients of CAP payments in County Cork for 2009. The data is published thanks to

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