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Four Corners on Ireland and the crash has long been a fan of the Australian programme, Four Corners. In one of their latest episodes they spend a full 44 minutes on the Irish crash. One of the best documentaries I’ve seen on the subject. Watch the … Continue reading

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The Spanish property bubble explained

This looks familiar. And their banks haven’t even start to account for the losses.

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What is open data?

Nice video from the Open Knowledge Foundation: #opendata from Open Knowledge Foundation on Vimeo.

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Everything is grand

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Hayek vs. Keynes; The Sequal

Hip-hop and economics, who couldn’t love it? “Well… I saw Mervyn’s head errr… nodding up and down”.

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Quinn, Russia and Ukraine

We have long been interested about the rather large investments the Quinn Group made in Russia and the Ukraine back in the day. Or not back in the day, depending on your viewpoint. Afterall, it was only last year, post … Continue reading

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The HSE and Ballydowd

An excellent piece from Sinead O’Shea on Al Jazeera, watch it all: For reference: We posted a searchable version of the Tracey Fay report back in March, and blogged about Ballydowd earlier this month.

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Those bond markets and Irish debt

Paul Sommerville from Delta Index squares off against Government representative Eamon O Cuiv on RTE’s Primetime. Paul nails it and O Cuiv, well, doesn’t. In two parts.

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Just a reminder

Then Financial Regulator Patrick Neary on Prime Time in October 2008. The Irish Independent report today relates.

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Watch out Mr Tubridy

… Michael Lowry is after your job. For the last few weeks the Tipp TD has been running a competition (constituents-only!) for Oxegen tickets. Of course, his only motivation for doing so is because he “understands and appreciates the importance … Continue reading

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