1998 clip from '@LastTV' on Irish banking

By | 29th April 2010

… and economy.

I’ve been doing some archive trawling for audio to use on a project I’m working on. Most of the useful is on media websites – RTE.ie mainly – but the clip below I found on Youtube. In hadn’t seen it before, have a look…

It’s by Tom Prendeville – apparently formerly of Magill and Hibernia magazines – a Google search of his name returns results for relatviely recent articles on economics in the Herald, HotPress and, oddly, Garda Review. Might be another Tom Prendiville though, I’m not sure. There is some talk online of a Tom Prendiville currently working in the Indo group. The guy in the video above may well have left journalism, anyone who can shed some more light, do let us know…

6 thoughts on “1998 clip from '@LastTV' on Irish banking

  1. disgracedminister

    miss @lasttv… the monday night comedy and scifi on network2 is also wrongly in the past.

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