"Sufficient room to manoeuvre to weather the present turbulence…"

By | 2nd May 2010

The archive trawl continues. They were all repeating this here and there around the time – July 2008 – but Cowen manages to wedge all the waffle into one four minute interview. This one is a corker.

9 thoughts on “"Sufficient room to manoeuvre to weather the present turbulence…"

    1. Mark Coughlan

      It’s a cracker, innit, toaiseach either happy to talk nonsense or disgracefully misinformed. Classy.

  1. Jim

    And this man is still the Taoiseach!!! funny little country Ireland

  2. Paul Moloney

    “the Irish economy is greatly diversified”

    Very true; we have all kinds of unwanted property.


  3. Pidge

    Of course, a good Taoiseach would go on Bloomberg and tell people to sell all their Irish bank shares and that the country isn’t worth spending a penny in.

    1. Mark Coughlan

      No, but he’d be doing something to avert it not talking them up. He’s either uninformed or waffling in the clip – about things other than the banks too – if he’s not uninformed then he should have done something to stop the crash. If he is uniformed then why is that the case?

      From their subsequent communications it would appear that the banking crash was massive shock to them, springing up over the course of a week or two, why? Hence the clip is relevant.


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