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By | 5th August 2010

A reader has commented that coincidentally perhaps, the phone numbers of Ivor Callely and his son Ronan are almost identical. According to his Facebook page, Ronan Callely’s number is 086 2571489. According to the Oireachtas documents, Ivor Callely’s number is 087 2571489 – a one digit difference which applies usually when your provider is different. Curious.

5 thoughts on “Phone numbers

  1. Tom Lowe

    You can get “boutique”/chosen phone numbers if you have contacts in phone companies… weird choice though to have your number the same as your father’s

  2. Stephen D

    Also, before porting, if you joined a network theyd give you your number from the old network, but with the new number’s prefix, my old boss and his wife have the same number but one is 086 and one is 087
    It worked because the number ranges Eircell and Esat used were coincidentally different, I think they overlap significantly these days

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  4. Darragh

    If Ivor changed networks, and the State was paying the bill, then why was Jr. using the phone for his failed election campaign?


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