Edited: Ahern didn't forgo pension?

By | 26th September 2010

EDIT: [As pointed out by Dave Molloy in comments. “Sorry, but, ‘payments made last year’ and “earlier this year said he would forgo his pension” (from then on, presumably) seem compatible, no?”]. I got the relevant years mixed. Post left as was to show the world my foolishness and remind me not to post in such haste again. – Mark

Both myself and Gav are hectic with the day jobs (shocker, jobs!) and haven’t had the time to blog anything too significant of late. We’re getting around to it.

In the meantime; isn’t it amazing that a detail like the following doesn’t get more than 30 words, 12 paragraphs down, 17 pages into your newspaper these days.

Fiach Kelly in the Irish Independent yesterday;

Accounts published last night by the Department of Finance also showed pension payments made last year to former office holders including: former Taoisigh John Bruton (€100,027); Garret FitzGerald (€103,926); Albert Reynolds (€109,358); and Bertie Ahern (€98,901).

Mr Ahern, a sitting TD, earlier this year said he would forgo his pension while he was still serving in the Dail.

I suppose Ahern could argue he’s not actually a ‘sitting’ TD, if he had the neck.

(Eh I agree with Dave below Mark, have you read this incorrectly? – Gav)

2 thoughts on “Edited: Ahern didn't forgo pension?

  1. Dave Molloy

    Sorry, but, “payments made last year” and “earlier this year said he would forgo his pension” (from then on, presumably) seem compatible, no?

    Maybe I’m missing some context here.

  2. Mark Cullinane

    Fair play for leaving the post intact- there’s many a person who would erase that kind of thing from history!


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