Oireachtas contract with Pi Communications

By | 17th July 2012

In 2011 Northern Ireland firm Pi Communications replaced Windmill as the company in charge of the management, operation and maintenance of the television facilities and digital recording systems in the Houses of the Oireachtas. TheStory.ie has obtained a copy of the contract:

One thought on “Oireachtas contract with Pi Communications

  1. Roy Johnston

    I have watched Oireachtas TV on several random occasions, and I find problems with it; there needs to be a panel indicating what committee is discussing what topic, and also a panel for each participant indicating who they are and what is their standing. I would like to be able to prepare a detailed commentary, and send it to a named contact who is analysing the public response. I also need some indication in advance what committee is being broadcast, on what topic, when. Does this seem reasonable?


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