2 thoughts on “Catherine Murphy’s Siteserv FOI

  1. Jim Kirby

    Our thanks are due to Catherine Murphy for her tenacity in following this matter.
    The blacked out bits obviously must be put to an independent enquiry .
    The Dept. of Finance deserve our thanks for their competence in dealing with the matter but obviously their recommendations were more or less ignored by the politicians.Difficult to understand the total lack of knowledge of the issue by the Taoiseach at Leaders Questions–did nobody think of bringing the Times piece to his attention.
    Tax payers have been and continue to be screwed royally by the banks. The more things change the more they remain the same.

  2. Jim Kirby

    Looks as if Igot this one wrong in the light of the responses from the expert view on RTE primetime last night and the intervention of Aynesley and Dukes. What an appalling mess.


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