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Talking points in time

Quotes. Mainly the two Brians. Links from broken because they’ve changed the site link structure. Quotes. Make of them what you will… Brian Lenihan; 19 Sept 2008. Six One News. “Our financial sector is sound and we are determined to ensure that continues” Brian Lenihan; 30 Sept 2008. Morning Ireland. “Does this mean the Irish… Read More »

WSJ on Govt negotiating position

This WSJ piece gives a decent outline of the position the Government finds itself in (though I think the poker analogy – now in use everywhere – is really soulless. I know, I know, it’s the WSJ.). […] This game is due to be played out over the rest of this week, with European Union… Read More »

How much is freedom worth?

The Irish Election Literature Blog brings this one from its seemingly endless archive of old canvassing literature. Well, lads?

Irish Times; "was it for this?"

Hasn’t happened too often in recent years but… an Irish Times editorial with some guts. The true ignominy of our current situation is not that our sovereignty has been taken away from us, it is that we ourselves have squandered it. Let us not seek to assuage our sense of shame in the comforting illusion… Read More »

NYT Opinion Pages debate where Ireland goes from here

Six non-doubt eminent, highly-qualified individuals debate whether Ireland should accept a bailout in the Opinion Pages of the New York Times. Read’em here. Pretty candid and unsentimental. Picture of the flats in the New York Times, eh? G’wan the ‘Mun. Amazingly the Telegraph managed to find an even less currently relevant image. Multimedia features using… Read More »

Boone and Johnson on Europe

Been a while since I linked to a Boone and Johnson piece around these parts. This one is required reading… [..] For Ireland, too, sovereign debt, including bridge financing, will rise close to 150% of GNP by 2014, and is mostly external. But a sovereign default would require a much larger bank bailout than in… Read More »

Only in…

Most insightful press release of the day goes to… drumroll please… Shell to Sea. Today marks the 4th year anniversary of the baton charge and violence by Gardaí against protestors opposed to the Corrib Gas Project. The 10th of November 2006 was chosen by the Shell to Sea campaign, as a suitable day of action… Read More »

Guess who's back, back again?

Shady’s back. Back again. The gathering mortgage crisis puts Ireland on the cusp of a social conflict on the scale of the Land War, but with one crucial difference. Whereas the Land War faced tenant farmers against a relative handful of mostly foreign landlords, the looming Mortgage War will pit recent house buyers against the… Read More »

The Digest – New format

I’ve no time these days to publish ‘The Digest’ at a set time and day so I’m changing the delivery format. Instead of appearing in the subscriber feed every Sunday there’ll be a constantly updated list of links on the right side of the website. Note; if you subscribe by email or through a feed… Read More »