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The David Murphy RTE script on O’Brien/IBRC

Yes, it’s entirely redacted. And while the details of what is in the report were discussed at length in the High Court, I am prohibited from writing about it. Exhibit DM1 to the Affidavit of David Murphy (Redacted) (PDF) Exhibit DM1 to the Affidavit of David Murphy (Redacted) (Text)

John Moran’s appointments diary 2012

This is the appointments diary for former Department of Finance Secretary General John Moran for March – December 2012. It is an amalgamated version of what’s published on the Finance website. secgenfinance2012 (PDF) secgenfinance2012 (Text)

Millington Limited

For the record, here are some company documents for Millington Limited, via the Isle of Man company registry. Millington (PDF) Millington (Text)

The damning Drumm opinion

A US judge has found former Anglo Irish Bank CEO “not remotely credible” and denied his bankruptcy application. It is contained in a 122 page opinion, available here: Drumm opinion (PDF) Drumm opinion (Text)

Jane Doe 1/2/3 and Prince Andrew / Jeffrey Epstein court document

This is the court document causing so much news in the past week. Context here and here. Buckingham Palace officials have scrambled to quell the growing crisis engulfing Prince Andrew after claims in an American court case that he had “sexual relations” with an underage girl who had been forced into sexual slavery by the… Read More »

The Ansbacher Report (Full)

Previously I have published the Ansbacher Report spread over a dozen documents. With the day that’s in it here is the full near 10,000 page report as one downloadable document, which has also been OCRd. Ansfull (PDF) Ansfull (Text)

Guerin Report (OCR)

To make it easier this is an OCRd searchable version of the Guerin Report. Final Redacted Guerin Report1 (PDF) Final Redacted Guerin Report1 (Text)

The Cypriot bailout request

This is the request Cyprus sent to Jean-Claude Juncker, formally seeking financial assistance from the EFSF/ESM on June 25, 2012. 05 20120625 for Info Cyprus External Financial Assistance From EFSF Letter From Cypriot Minister of Finance (PDF) 05 20120625 for Info Cyprus External Financial Assistance From EFSF Letter From Cypriot Minister of Finance (Text)

Frank Flannery companies

For the record. Frank Flannery (Francis Michael Flannery), who gives his date of birth as May 29, 1958 has used two addresses for companies he has variously been a director of. One is on Sycamore Road in Finglas Dublin 11, the other is on Quinn’s Road in Shankhill. His previous or current directorships include: Company… Read More »

Glackin (Interim) Report

Thanks to the Oireachtas library becoming available recently, we now have full digital access to the fascinating Glackin (Interim) Report. While we have previously published the final Glackin report, in some ways the interim report is more interesting. This is mainly down to the detailed appendices. The report involves such luminaries as now billionaire Dermot… Read More »