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Ruairi Quinn expense claims and insufficient transparency

Following on from a series of postings about the mileage expense claims of Ruairi Quinn (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), the blogger Anthony Sheridan [Disclosure: Anthony is the uncle of Gavin, the other half of] made a complaint to the Standards in Public Office Commission seeking an investigation. They returned to him… Read More »

Ruairi Quinn and his Galway holiday home mileage claims

The mystery of Ruairi Quinn’s unusually high mileage has finally been solved, as he was claiming for trips to and from his holiday home. Mr Quinn, when interviewed on RTE and Newstalk last month, explained that the reason the claims were so high was because officials used the car and not all official travel was… Read More »

The Ruairi Quinn Mileage Claims – Part Two

Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn has been asked to explain a second expenses claim, this time relating to a month in which he spent 22 days on holiday. In August 2011, Mr Quinn signed off on a claim for 2,800 kilometres worth around E800 despite the fact his official diary shows that he was working… Read More »

Ruairi Quinn and his mileage claim

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has been asked this week to explain a mileage claim he made in July of last year. For the month in question, Mr Quinn claimed for 5,100 kilometres (worth €1,451). Searching his official diary for the month however, shows that Mr Quinn had only a single engagement outside of Dublin, when… Read More »

Garda expense claims 2004 – mid 2010

As I referred to last week I am publishing all Garda expense claims in all categories. Google spreadsheets can’t handle a 641,576 row database so I am using Socrata – the data is downloadable from there in a variety of formats. The data contains anonymized individual expense claims for all Gardai over a 6.5 year… Read More »

Gardai expenses – a breakdown

The Gardai are getting some press today for the amount spent – €14.5 million – on resources for the Corrib gas site. It is interesting to contextualise this figure. In total, Gardai travel and subsistence claims totaled €181,605,359.30 from 2004 to mid 2010. I will publish the entire 641,576 row database shortly. It does not… Read More »

Ned O'Keeffe mobile phone expense claims

These are the mobile phone expense claims of Ned O’Keeffe for 2004 – 2009. Thanks to the Sunday Times for the documents. The Irish Mail on Sunday has made certain claims about how the claims, and complaints over them, have been handled by the Oireachtas.

Over 100 politicians overclaim expenses has obtained from the Oireachtas FOI documents released to journalist Ken Foxe, who sought details relating to the expense claims of TDs and Senators. The documents show how more than 100 TDs and Senators claimed expenses to which they were not entitled between 2007 and 2009. Some claimed for attending committee meetings which they… Read More »

HSE expense claims 2007 to 2010 all regions

This is all claims for expenses from people working in the HSE from 2007 to mid 2010. The total comes to €260,450,676.60. Contextual documents: FOI letter Internal review decision Expenses context HSE South: €39,532,886.69, 23,415 rows, 15.18% of the total claimed HSE South 2007 HSE South 2008 HSE South 2009 HSE South 2010 (to end… Read More »