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Minimum wage and unemployment

Thanks to Google for Google Public data. I’ve grabbed some video of Irish-related data sets: Irish minimum wage growth, relative to other EU nations: Irish unemployment, seasonally adjusted, under 25 males, 1983 to January 2010. HICP data, EU countries, all categories. Ireland in blue:

Enterprise Ireland visualisations and analysis

One of our readers, Robert Fuller, took Gav’s Enterprise Ireland data and generously spent some time “cleaning” it. He sent it to us a few days ago, I’ve since used those spreadsheets to build a number visualisations. They would be a pretty heavy download for most broadband packages so I’m keeping them off the frontpage,… Read More »

Visualised: Liam Carroll's corporate structure

Once again, credit to Steve White, the go-to guy for building with free-to-use visualisation tools. We give him the data, he makes it digestible. It’s still – as every business hack will tell you – “labyrinthine”, but the visualisation makes it a little easier to understand. Note: This was built using the info put together… Read More »