My ears are burning…

I’m expecting a number of FOI requests to come back this week, including one from Fás. Strictly speaking, the Fás one should have been sent from their office today, as it was submitted exactly four weeks ago… so it was interesting to note an upsurge in hits to this site from the Fás server this morning. At… Read More »

Government bodies covered by FOI

I have created a spreadsheet that contains some of the bodies covered by the FOI Act. I have opened up the document for editing to seek your help in adding more data, especially web addresses. Of course we are open to suggestions about adding other data. FOI Bodies

Hanafin and Lenihan diaries

As part of a prior FOI request, I asked for some diary information for the former minister for education, Mary Hanafin. This has now been OCRd and uploaded to Scribd. I believe the redactions relate to mobile telephone numbers. Mary Hanafin’s diary January 1, 2006 to March 1, 2006. I have also combined two diary… Read More »

Joan Burton’s FOI refusal

Part two of Joan Burton’s FOI concerned communications between the Department of Finance and Anglo Irish bank (I will post the exact wording of the request later). For now though here is the full extent of the refusal. It contains references to released information that I have not yet received from Ms Burton, but I… Read More »

Oireachtas expenses 2002, 2001

Readers might remember that back in August I first put in a request for all expenses of all TDs and Senators since records began, or as far as the FOI act allows (1998). The purpose of the request is two fold – one for the public record and two for integration into member profiles.… Read More »