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That GSOC UK 3G network

In a statement to the Dail last week Alan Shatter said: The third issue related to the security firm reporting the detection of an unexpected UK 3G network in the area in the locality of the GSOC offices which suggested that UK phones registered to that network making calls would be vulnerable to interception. Importantly,… Read More »

Glackin (Interim) Report

Thanks to the Oireachtas library becoming available recently, we now have full digital access to the fascinating Glackin (Interim) Report. While we have previously published the final Glackin report, in some ways the interim report is more interesting. This is mainly down to the detailed appendices. The report involves such luminaries as now billionaire Dermot… Read More »

For the record…

These are the most recent annual accounts for… Friends of the Coombe Limited Friends of St Patrick’s Hospital Limited Rehab National Lottery Limited 57243454 (PDF) 57243454 (Text) 56672837 (PDF) 56672837 (Text) 57275767 (2) (PDF) 57275767 (2) (Text)