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Killing Freedom of Information in Ireland

We’ve had sight of new amendments to the FOI Bill 2013 proposed by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. We will be blunt: if passed, Freedom of Information is dead. TheStory.ie will, in all likelihood, cease all FOI requests. And we will not seek funding from the public to support an immoral, cynical, unjustified… Read More »

Tracking Courts.ie

Courts.ie is a pretty difficult website to navigate. As government-type websites go, it probably has more information than you might expect. There is lots of room for improvement though. Apparently, in line with guidance from the Data Protection Commissioner, Courts.ie blocks Google from indexing its website. This relates to the so-called “right to be forgotten”.… Read More »

Supreme Court grants expedited listing in NAMA case

In another turn of events relevant to Aarhus Convention and access to information nerds, today Chief Justice Susan Denham granted an expedited listing for NAMA vs Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information (OCEI). The AIE request in the matter was sent by me in early 2010, and 44 months later the issue at hand… Read More »

Is this IBRC's Statement of Affairs?

This comes from an anonymous Twitter account – @QuinnAnglo – so all the usual provisos apply. The tweeter in question claims this document to be the Statement of Affairs of IBRC before the liquidation of the company in February 2013. It includes a list of creditors (though not depositors – as Noonan intervened on that… Read More »

Was the guarantee a panicked decision?

It has been a common narrative since 2008 that the decision to guarantee the banks was a late night decision, taken perhaps in the heat of the moment for fear of the entire banking system collapsing if we did nothing (or acted on a set of alternative proposals provided by Merrill Lynch). However in another… Read More »

1 Grand Canal Quay

This is 1 Grand Canal Quay, where Denis O’Brien’s Communicorp Ltd is headquartered. The building is owned by Mr O’Brien personally, with a registered address at 77 Wellington Road, Dublin 4. I walk by it every morning on the way to work so I was curious about it. A mortgage charge on the property was… Read More »

FAS internal bulletin board to be released

It’s a long time coming. Readers may recall that back in 2010, FAS closed their internal bulletin board after staff had been “posting nasty messages on the internal notice board about Rody Molloy, the deposed director-general”, according to then Senator Shane Ross. In the article, Ross noted: At least one fun-loving outsider tried to break… Read More »

'€300,000 from autism fund spent in Reilly’s heartland'

Back in June, Paul Cullen at the Irish Times wrote a couple of stories about how autism services funds were being spent. No posts unfilled in area that got autism funds All €300,000 from autism fund spent in Reilly’s heartland Money quote: All the money so far provided from a funding boost for autism services… Read More »

1989 US Dublin Embassy cables

On Saturday and today the Irish Times published a series of stories, by me, Stephen Collins, Miriam Lord, Dan Keenan and Steven Carroll based on cables this blog obtained under US FOIA legislation. Below are the documents on which the story was based – 1989 State Department documents related to Charles Haughey most of which… Read More »