Readers have asked for a method to help fund our FOI requests and we have sought to facilitate that. FOIs are costly:

FOI request: €15 (non refundable) Now free
FOI internal review: €30 (non refundable)
FOI Information Commissioner appeal: €50

Search and retrieval fee, where necessary: €20.95 per hour.

While under Environmental Regulations:

AIE request: free
AIE internal review: free
AIE Information Commissioner appeal: €50

Both of us have access to this Paypal account. Money will be drawn down periodically to cover FOI costs, and sometimes CRO data. We have added this information to the spreadsheet below, and it will be updated periodically.

Donations received spreadsheet.

11 Responses to Donate

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  2. HUGH O'DONNELL says:



  3. David Fletcher says:

    Can we help in any other way? Like volunteering resources or carrying out work? I’m more than a bit strapped at present.

  4. Cass Flower says:

    I’m about to post a thread on encouraging people to donate.

    Thanks again for your work.

  5. paul says:

    In the interest of transparency, why not publish the names and job titles of donators, as you are looking to publish our (public servants) names, job titles and expenses.

  6. Gavin Sheridan says:

    Because it’s not public money.

  7. Therese says:

    It would be great if you could send or publish the IBAN for the acc number. Keep up the great work! You bring hope to many :o)

  8. Dermot in Limerick says:

    I’ve donated because I think even that small amount will do more good than the huge amount of tax that’s taken out of my wages, and wasted by people who feel they are not accountable to anyone!

  9. Richard Mulcahy says:

    Gavin, you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.
    Where are the account details to donate???

  10. John McCormack says:

    Sick and bloody tired of the shoulder shrugging” twarnt me what done it Guvnor” attitude,keep up the good work of calling to heel those in Service and Govt who have long forgotten their masters voice,The Taxpayer,a role from which our mainstream media have shamefully abdicated any responsibility for a long time past.Donation sent.

  11. Barry says:

    Congrats on the NAMA case, you really have broad shoulders and a prop forwards’ neck!

    I have donated €52.05 in the hope you get €50!!

    Keep it up.

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